Califarap.Net - Mixtapes Back Vol. 1 (2011)

Califarap.Net Mixtapes Back Vol. 1 - 2011
Been In This Game (Feat. Oso Vicious & Zapata The Ghost) (Hosted By Chiko) / Silly Rabbit
California Bred (Feat.. Y.B.V) (Hosted By Chiko) / Young Trav
Cant Get Enough (Hosted By Chiko) / Kid Star B
Dead Weight (Hosted By Chiko) / Bullet
Dougie Fresh (Hosted By Chiko) / HipHopAlkatraz
Ese & The Blood (Feat. The Game) (Hosted By Chiko) / Queenie
Fresh Air (Hosted By Chiko) / Kiki Smooth
Gangbang Tactics (Feat. City Geez) (Hosted By Chiko) / L-Boy
Hater Motivation (Feat.Young Trav) (Hosted By Chiko) / Chiko
I Am The Trap (Oh My Remix) (Hosted By Chiko) / Young Chapo & BadNews
Ima Ride (Feat. Z-Gunz) (Hosted By Chiko) / Danny Duran
Keep Slippin Away (Feat. Mistah Fab) (Hosted By Chiko) / R.O.M.E.
Letter To Dr. Dre (Feat. Big Swisha) (Hosted By Chiko) / Lil G
Love Like Money (Feat.Ese Daz & Dave Biggs) / Chiko
My Block (Hosted by Chiko) / The Campain
Señorita (Feat. Young Chapo) (Hosted By Chiko) / Sonny Blue
The Massacre (Feat. Hittsquad & Joe Hustle) (Hosted By Chiko) / Da Block
The Scientist (Feat. Big Sick Nasty) (Hosted By Chiko) / Annimean

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