Johnny Boy Presents Gangs of Las Vegas (2005)


01.Johnny Boy Ft. Dee 1 - Gangs of Las Vegas
02.FCM Click - Eyes of A Maniac
03.Mr. Cin - Northtown Soldados
04.Bam Bam - Cracking Heads
05.Straw - Sin City
06.Johnny Boy Ft. D-Nero - So Many Memories
07.Ese Brown Ft. Lil Rob, Wreck, Romero & Cuete - Murder Musica
08.Johnny Boy Ft. Trigger Happy - Dissin
09.Synful - Sinners Town
10.Lil Eastwood Ft. Lil Bones - You Started It, We'll Finish it
11.Johnny Boy Ft. PG - Somos Pokos Pero Locos
12.Dooms Day - Street is Hot
13.Mr. Nano - Representing
14.Johnny Boy Ft. T.J. Blacc, Joke Dogg - It's Going Down
15.Cash Ft. Big J. - Do You Thug Thing
16.R.O - A New Year
17.Lil Forty .Oz - Hit Em Up Ese
18.Johnny Boy Ft. Joke Dogg - Mobbin Thru Your Residence

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