Snapper - The Sequel (2006)

01.Intro (Madd Glock Radio)
02.Tell'em Now
03.Im Rolling in My 64
04.Cant Be Stopped Ft. Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Criminal & Sicc2sicc
05.El Monte Memorabilla (Prelude)
06.Nobody Move Nobody Cry Ft. Rocky Padilla
07.I Dont Want to Love You Ft. Ms Beatiful
08.With A Strap Ft. Sicc2sicc Gangsters
09.Showing Off the Chrome
10.What Do You Want Girl Ft. Diana Gordon
11.Gangster's Mentality
12.Shut Down Ft. Listo
13.Out of the Window Ft. Sicc2sicc Gangsters
14.Pushing Me Away
15.At the Club
16.Oh Why/ I Remember
17.Thanks to the Streets

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