Jasper & Baby Jokes Co-Starring Syphon - Gutter Tales (2010)

01 It's All Good (ft. Roscoe)
02 My Life Is Like A Movie (ft. Stomper)
03 Shattered Dreams (ft. Cuete Yeska)
04 Dawn Of A New Day (ft. Skandle Oso)
05 Battle Scars
06 I'm From The Streets
07 Life Support Running (ft. Bigg Bandit)
08 Monday To Sunday (ft. Sly Boogy)
09 Only If You Knew (ft. Zig Zag)
10 Shadows Of Regret (ft. Brown Boy & Mickael)
11 Bitches
12 West Coasting
13 Never See Me (ft. Sen Dog & Kokane)
14 Your Love
15 East Los (ft. Wicked)
16 Definition Of A Gangster
17 Something Bout My Low (ft. Bad Azz & Wicked)

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