Mr. Blue Presents - Centro Side Riders (2010)

01 Intro - Mr. Blue
02 5150 Sick In The Head - Featuring Mr. Blue. Lil Creeper. Wicked One
03 Street Affiliated - Featuring The Creeper. Precise. Mr. Blue
04 You Will Die'  Featuring Mr. Blue. Creeper. precise. L.Boy
05 Ballad Of Violence - Precise
06 You Can't Test The Centro -Featuring Loco Sniper. Swifty. The Creeper
07 Click Bang - Featuring Wicked One. Mr. Blue. The Creeper
08 This Is How Us Devils Ride Featuring- Lil Evil. Mr. Blue. Loco Sniper
09 Sudden Death Featuring- Precise. The Creeper. Mr. Blue
10 Im A Rider Ese -Featuring Mr. Blue. Lazy Menace. Blunted One
11 Where Im From -Featuring Swifty. Mr. Blue
12 Rep For The Brown - Lazy Menace
13 Centro Side Roll Call - Centro Side Riders
14 Everybody Hit The Floor -Featuring  The Creeper. Mr. Blue. Loco Sniper
15 Caught Up N The Fast Life -Featuring  The Creeper. Mr. Blue
16 Im Loving This Featuring - Mr. Blue. The Creeper. Lazy Menace
17 Locked Down -Featuring  Wicked One. Dj Toks
18 Come Out And Play Precise
19 Stop Hating Featuring - Loco Sniper. Mr. Blue

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