Mr. Shadow - Mix Tape (2007)

02.Apocalypse Ft. Lil Rob
03.Menage A Trois Ft. Don Cisco & Frankie J
04.Smokerz Groove
05.El Matador
06.What Goes Around Comes Around Ft. Mr. Lil One
07.Evil Deeds
08.Expekt the Unexpekted
09.Shakin' In You Bootz Ft. Mr.  Lil One
11.From My Hood to Your Block
12.Dancin', Smokin', Drinkin' Ft. Kurupt
13.Till I Die
14.One Man Batallion
15.Take Yo Bitch Ft. Mr. Lil One
16.Party Goes On
17.Rumors Ft. Lil Rob
18.Can't Be A Player
19.Go Ahead Ft. Lil Rob

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