Lil Sicko - The DopeBoy Mixtape (2010)

01 Oh-No
02 E-Side's Where I Ride (feat. Young Trav)
03 Making G's (feat. Young Trav)
04 Are U Wit It (feat. DTTX of Lighter Shade of Brown)
05 I Rather (feat. Mister One)
06 Born 2 Be a Hustler (feat. DownFall)
07 I'm Hustlin' (feat. Killa D)
08 Hustlin' Got Me Paid
09 They Hate Me (feat. Mac)
10 No Escapin' (feat. Big Dave of DownFall)
11 Drug Dealin'
12 Fed's R Hatin'
13 The E-Side (feat. Lil Blacky, Fern, and Killa D)

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