VA - Kush Clouds And Punchlines (2013)

1.Intro - Enfamus
 2.Munchies and Nintendo - Enfamus
3.Bong Rips and Bad Chicks - Kush Kennedy
4.Off Dat Kali - Unpredictable R.E.D, Sim Kapone & Shawn Childs
  5.Outta Orbit - Hardware ft. Reverb
6.Higher Learning - Phamiliar
7.FDA - 498 The Fam
8.Ciroc & Loud - Sgt. War & Crhyme Bo$$
 9.Loud - J Gunna
10.Weed 2 Strong - LA2LA
11.No Sticks No Seeds - Gillie Da Kid ft. Sim Kapone
 12.So High - Jamba
 13.Higher Than A Eagle - King Camil
 14.Reefer In My Ride - Qwote Sillable ft. Davy Jones
 15.Interlude - Enfamus
 16.New Joint - Enfamus ft. Phamiliar
 17.We Stay Smokin - Big Sinz ft. Clean, Big Harm & Abbie Aguilar
18.Dont Blow My High - J Wet ft. Draft & Chi Bully
19.Getting High - Da Dagger
20.Splitarillo - Doughboy ft. Tactic
21.Purple Flowers - Lil Dynamic ft. Kid Phaze
22.Chokin At The Lungs - McGruff ft. Young Nate
23.Pack A Bowl - Poppi Brim ft. J Gunna
24.What You Smokin On - Enfamus
25.Kali Kush - Get It Mode Squad
 26.You And Me - Seven
 27.So High - Da Dagger
28.In Da Latenight - Shawn Childs, Koncept Taylor, Miestro & Boss Playa
29.Weed - Sim Kapone & Poppi Brim
 30.High AF - Truesdell
 31.Ghost Freestyle - General GC
 32.Slow Dance With Mary - Enfamus
33.Outro - Enfamus
 34.Dumb High - Diar Lansky Feat. Wayne G, Chucky Sly & J Soas
 35.All In My Head - Enfamus
  36.Kush Cloud - Freddie Gibbs ft.Krayzie Bone & Space Ghost Purp
 37.Munchies and Nintendo (Acoustic) - Enfamus
38.Purple - Demrick ft. Mistah FAB

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