VA - Chicano Classics (2005)

01.Junebug Slim - Cali Living
02.G' Fellas - Player In You
03.Switches - Ground Shakin
04.Mister One - Would You Forgive Me
05.Lighter Shade of Brown Ft. Mc Man - Street Life
06.Junebug Slim - Wish Upon A Star
07.Slow Pain Ft. Sniper - The 13
08.Mister D Ft. D.T.T.X. - Your Love
09.Brown Boy - Love You More
10.Malow Mac - Love You So
11.Adolfo - Lovely
12.Junebug Slim - Summer Time Groove
13.Capone - Can I Kick It
14.Hell Bound - Take Another Hit
15.Scrappy Loco - I Come From
16.Lil Tweety, Mr. Capone-E & D.T.T.X - On A Sunday


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