Dominator - Love It Or Hate It (2004)

01.They Dont Know Feat. Crazy Boy, Young Creeps, Rico
02.Rock the Spot Feat. Don Cisco, Rebel, Sara S
03.Good Times Feat. Crazy Boy, Boxx
04.Give it to Me  
05.The 17th Floor Feat. Prophecy
06.Your Love is Bomb
07.Love You Right Feat. T Dre, Teresa A
08.Think of You Feat. Don Cisco, E.
09.Let Me Sleep Feat. Crazy Boy, Teresa A
10.Lets Go Feat. Crazy Boy, Macky Locs, Kim Keyser
11.Pimp on Feat. Rebel, Boxx
12.One of A Kind Feat. Capone-E 
13.Way Back Then Feat. Teresa A
14.The DJ Feat. Sara S
15.Listen Boo Feat. Lil Rome
16.Buzzin Feat. T Dre, Rayleen

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