Jehuniko - Spiritual Warfare 4 (Hosted By @JDubs213) (2013)

01.SW4 intro with Jdubs of Latino 963 FM
02.5 For My OGs Believe
03.The Streets Made A Man Out Of Me
04.My Heart Is Cold
05.How About A Nice Big Cup Of STFU
06.Built For This
07.Para Mi Gente featuring Mr Forge
08.Couldve Been You featuring Davi
09.Is It Love Or Lust
10.Gonna Have To Try A Little Harder To Take Me Out
11.West Coast LIFE
12.2 Blessed 2 Stress featuring JDubs  David
13.You Made Me Like This Feels So Good
14.You Are My Everything
15.Thinking Too Much
16.I Am Not Anonymous featuring Street Poet Monte Smith
17.Middle Finger Up featuring Mav
18.Outro with Jdubs of Latino 963 FM
19.5 Idle No More

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