SurenoWestEnt. Presents - Fingazz Featurez

SurenoWestEnt. Presents-Fingazz Featurez
01 1st things 1st (cali life style)
02 Want 2 ride (mc eight)
03 West coast party (mr shadow)
04 West coast thang
05 40 0z (don cisco down aka kilo)
06 Get your gangster on (mr criminal)
07 Real gangsters dont die (slow pain sniper)
08 Cold outside (charlie row roscoe)
09 This how we ride (playboy lil bullet)
10 Low pro & the dukes click (payaso)
11 Gangbangin wont stop (mr shadow)
12 Criminal activity (lil one and mr shadow)
13 Play on (ese daz)
14 Watch your back (lil one and mr shadow)
15 the club up (Shade Shiest)
16 I want you (ODM Lil Sicko)
17 Ride with a g (MTO)
18 Luv them girl (Lil Menace)
19 when we ride (bizzy bone)
20 dedicated 2 you (mr criminal)

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