VA - Chicano Rap All Stars Vol. 2 (2006)

01.Lil Cuete Feat Troy Cash - Roll With Me
02.Lil Rob - San Diego
03.Knight Owl - Trucha
04.Mr Shadow Feat Lil Rob - Go Ahead
05.Slow Pain - Saturday Night Ballin
06.Seldom Seen Feat Mr Shadow - More Bounce
07.Slow Pain & Don Cisco - Hustlin Aint Dead
08.Mr Shadow - Smokerz Groove
09.A.L.T & JV - Represent The Brown
10.Mr Lil One - Stay With Me
11.Lil Cuete & Mr Shadow - Dont Want None
12.Slow Pain - My Coupadvil
13.Mr Lil One Feat Knight Owl - Hollow Point
14.Seldom Seen - All Night Long
15.Lawless - Estylo Frio
16.Don Cisco - Oh Boy
17.Lawless - Love Vs Hate
18.Wicked Minds - Smooth Ride
19.Que Sa - Comrades En La Casa

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