VA - Chicano Rap Explosion (2004)

01.Frost Featuring Mr. Gee, Baby Bash & Weeto - On The Skiena
02.Mr. Lil One - Stay With Me
03.Rician - I Got Love
04.Slow Pain & ALT - My Coupdavil
05.Mr. Capone-E Featuring Brenton Wood - Take A Chance
06.Lil Tweety Featuring DTTX(Lighter Shade of Brown) - On A Sunday
07.Shandy - Stick Em Up
08.Lil Rob & Mr. Shadow - U Do Your Thing, IÆll Do Mine
09.Jay-T Featuring SPM & Frost - Pepe Le Pew
10.A Lighter Shade of Brown Featuring Dwayne Higgins(Tony Toni Tone) - Whatever You Want

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