VA - Gangsters And DJs Box Set (2006)

01.lil demon ft. dice seven sal capone - old town gangster
02.slow pain ft.big bandit lil demon - brown love ft. slow pain lil demon - if you want it ft. lil demon sal capone - mafia life
05.slow pain - lil og
06.slow pain ft. sal capone lil demon - hoodz hot
07.big bandit ft. sal capone lil demon - it's all the same
08.lil demon ft. big bandit - old pico
09.slow pain ft. lil demon big bandit - i want you
10.lil demon ft. jonny u - rollin


01.slow pain ft. big bandit lil savage - ohh! la
02.slow pain ft. sal capone big bandit - that's on me
03.slow pain ft. lil demon sniper - i'm a gangster
04.slow pain - que paso
05.big bandit ft. sal capone slow pain - slow your roll
06.lil demon ft. big bandit slow pain - make you dance
07.slow pain ft. big bandit - good times, bad times
08.lil demon ft. seven - were you from
09.slow pain ft. lil demon seven - hate the life
10.slow pain ft. sniper - the 13

   CD3 qbert - turntable tv (re-vision)
02.mixmaster mike - surprize package
03.cut chemist - lesson 6 the lexture shadow - changeling (transmission 1) rectangle - turn table terror
06.peanut butter wolf & j - rocc-they don't fall
   down cash money - 3-00 in da morning, circus of hell        (05:08) craze - act up
09.rodney o & joe cooley - cooley high
10.mixmaster mike - audio mass
11.q burn's abstract message - book of changes
12.radar - radar frees tibet (gasho remix)
13.salt n pepa - spinderella's not a fela (but a dj)
14.kurtis blow - aj scratch


01.sen dog ft. mallo - party in the house
02.nino brown - the corleone of rap
03.willi mallo - what's really going down gee - bring it on
05.bandit - i'm on a mission
06.shadow ft. kozme - won't hesitate gee ft. nino brown - what i really want
08.madrina - fuck with your mental
09.merciless ft. alt - modern day aztecs
10.shadow ft. nino brown - keep on perculating
11.lil hobo ft. tommy - hey loco
12.cuete - fuck the system
13.jv ft. ms. vee angie a.k.a lil mama - twisted divas
14.malice - hustle to survive
15.huero snipes ft. danger spanky loco - 310 click ft. sal capon dice slick kozme - ride with us

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