Jasper Loco - Its All About The Money - 2013 - CR

Jasper Loco-Its All About The Money - 2013 - CR
01 Intro
02 I Wont Ever Forget (Feat. Big Wix H.O.A.H, Rigo Luna)
03 Were So True (Feat. Big Hutch. ALT The Saint)
04 All About The Money
05 Image Of A Star (Skit)
06 Home Of The Gangsters
07 Better Days (Feat. Chino Grande, Rigo Luna)
08 Still In The City (Feat. Chino Grande)
09 Love Hurts (Feat. Big Wix H.O.A.H, Mr. Menace)
10 Get Your Cash On (Feat. Bigg Bandit, Na Mean, King Lil G)
11 All I Want Is You (Feat. Doll-E-Girl, Fiesty 2 Guns, Carolyn Rodriguez)
12 Serve And Protect
13 I Got To Keep It Real (Feat. Kokane, Big Wix H.O.A.H)
14 Streets Get Cold (Feat. Mr. Menace, Lil Mickey)
15 Nasty Freak (Feat. Mr. Menace, Living Real)
16 Outro
17 This If For My G's (Feat. Na Mean, Oso Vicious)
18 Bonus Track

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