Clever And Tiny - Against All Odds Pt. 2

Clever And Tiny-Against All Odds Pt. 2
01 Tha West Coast
02 Im Gonna Slang
03 All About Dinero
04 Problems Ft. Grinch and Chito
05 When We Ride Ft. Lil Man and Chito
06 Slugg Ent 2008 Ft. Bad Azz, Spookie and Chito
07 Ponte Listo Watch Out Ft. Spookie, Chito and Grinch
08 Still Cruising Bristol Ft. Chito
09 Tha World is A Ghetto Ft. Chito
10 Shoot to Kill Ft. Spookie
11 Live and Die by the Cuete Ft. Chito
12 Clever Tha Don (Clever Solo)
13 She Said She (Tiny Solo)
14 this is My Hood (Tiny Solo)
15 Got Um Hating (Clever Solo)
16 Cartel Siders (Lil Man Solo)
17 Life as A Soldier (Chito Solo)
18 White House (Spookie Solo)
19 Bonus Track 1
20 Bonus Track 2

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