Knight Owl - The Wicked West (1998)

Knight Owl-The Wicked West - 1998
01 Now That's What's up (Intro)
02 Don't Stress (Featuring Leicy Loc & Bokie Loc)
03 Do It Knight Owl Do It
04 Lifestyles of a "G" (Featuring Big Syke From Thug Life & Krow)
05 I Think I Better Warn You
06 What the F*** You've Been Thinking
07 Toast to His Ghost (Interlude)
08 The Baddest Mutherf*** With
09 You Do You Think Your F***** With
10 Everybody Lockdown
11 You Did Me Wrong (Featuring Kozme)
12 Who Be the Real (Featuring Frost)
13 From Diego to L.A. (Featuring Dresta & Leicy Loc)
14 Who's the Baddest of Them All
15 The Wicked West
16 What's It All About
17 The Wreck (Outro)

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