Miss Lady Pinks - Straight From The Heart - 2011 - CR

Miss Lady Pinks-Straight From The Heart - 2011 - CR
01 Intro
02 All I need Is You (Feat. Latin Boi)
03 Baby Baby
04 No One Can Love You (Feat. Mr. Capne-E)
05 Straight From The Heart
06 Straight Westcoastin (Feat. Quickz)
07 Frontline Roll Call (Feat. Ese Menace, Boo Boo, SS Demon, Mr. Capone-E)
08 Ladys Talk (Skit)
09 Im So Through (Feat. Lyric Mena)
10 Im Better Off Alone (Feat. Latin Boi)
11 I Got Your Back (Feat. Mr. Criminal)
12 Bang On Your Bitches (Nicky Minaj Diss)
13 Team Hi Power Shout Out (Skit)
14 Untitled (Bonus Track)
15 Untitled (Bonus Track)
16 Outro

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