VA - Southland - Above The Law - 2014 - CR

VA-Southland-Above The Law - 2014 - CR
01 Intro / Southland
02 Real Live Gangster Shit / Malow Mac, Enemy (Most Wanted), Mister D, Cold 187um
03 I Am Superman / Big Hutch, Ese Trouble, Cuete Yeska, Lil Blacky
04 Real Talk / Big Hutch, Mister D
05 Slipping In My City / Big Hutch, Frank V, Hillside
06 Pain On Paper (PT. 2) / Kokane, Mister D, Big Hutch, Conejo
07 Ill Bet You Know Now / Mister D, Big Hutch, Ese Trouble, Ciz Beetz
08 Mama Told Me / Big Hutch, Mister D, Ese Bobby
09 Life Is 2 Short / Malow Mac, Mister D, Cold 187um
10 Lifes Been Good To Me / Frost, Ese Saint, Mister D, Cold 187um
11 Another Day In LA / Mister D, Ese Bobby, Ese Trouble, Cold 187um
12 I Aint Trying To Hurt You / Mister D, Big Hutch
13 Welcome To The Southland (SLG Mix) / Ese Trouble, Ese Bobby, Lil Kasper, Kryptonite, Ese Saint
14 In California (Bonus Track) / Frost, Big Hutch, Mister D
15 West Coast (Bonus Track) / Nate Dogg, Mister D, Big Hutch, ,Malow Mac
16 The Southland Gangsters Supermix (Bonus Tarck) / Conejo

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