Mister D - Midnight Love And Oldies (2010)

Mister D-Midnight Love And Oldies - 2010
01 Dont Say You Dont Love Me (Feat. MC Magic, Ne-Yo)
02 If Loving You Is Wrong (Feat. Sleepy Malo, Lil Blacky)
03 Somebody Please
04 All I Do Is Think Of You (Feat. Rocky Padilla)
05 It Never Really Mattered (Feat. Lil Sicko, Doll-E Girl)
06 Love Dont Live Here (Remix)
07 Why You Tripping (Feat. Sleepy Malo, Selo)
08 Nice And Smooth
09 Ill Always Be There For You (Feat. Stretch, Sleepy Malo)
10 Lets Get It On (Feat. Rocky Padilla, Lil Kasper, Solo)
11 I Miss You
12 Been In The Game (Feat. Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo)
13 A Better Day
14 Something Real
15 Daddys Home

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