VA - Carnalismo (2014)


1 -Carnalismo (Intro)

 2 -Oldies On the Radio (feat. Casper Capone & Drew)

 3 -Help Me Forget (feat. Bernz Devious & Hex)

 4 -Don't Waste My Time (feat. Gata Mas Firme & Sonny Boy 

 5 -Filthy Clean (feat. Hex & Big Oso Loc)

 6 -Tryin' to Get It (feat. Bullet G)

 7 -Summer Dayz in the Bay (feat. Gata Mas Firme)

 8 -We Takin' Over (feat. Gennessee)

 9 -Lentes (feat. Big Dan)

 10 -The Moment (feat. Hex)

 11 -Night Falls (feat. Eclipz & Lowrider Hyna)

 12 -Mi Vida Loca (feat. Gata Mas Firme)

 13 -Snakes in the Grass (feat. Privilege & Omeezy)

 14 -Stay Solid (feat. Casper Capone)

 15 -Mr Gettin' Cash

 16 -Eliminate the Fake

 17 -Made of Teflon (feat. Chino da Prince, Big Rhino & Lil Milo)

 18 -Push Pull Strive (feat. Casper Capone, Danny Boy, Drew & 

 19 -Party Like a Mexican (feat. Omeezy & Hex)

 20 -Watch Your Mouth

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