Badnews-Heavy Lies The Crown - 2013

Badnews-Heavy Lies The Crown, Pt. 1 - 2013
01 The Best Out (Feat. Young Chapo & Mr.  Dont Know)
02 L.A (Feat. Crooked I)
03 Tupac (Feat. Hectic)
04 Thru The Speakers (Feat. L-Boy)
05 Thru The Hood
06 The Empire (Feat. Ernie G & Young Chapo)
07 Ridin Down The Block (Feat. Rockwilder & Jay Rock)
08 Makin Plenty Moves (Feat. Redwood & A.L.T The Saint)
09 Califas (California Remix) [Feat. Daz Dillinger & Chino Grande]
10 The Voicemails
11 This Life (Feat. Og Triggs & Lady Bena)
12 Sittin In The Park (Feat. Diamond)
13 Relentless (Feat. Conejo)
14 To The Streets (Feat. Lefty Knuckles)
15 A Lil Bit Of Kush (Feat. Seven)
16 Drunk Julio Comedy Show (Feat. Drunk Julio)
17 I Stay In The Lab (Feat. The Stomper)

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