Ese 40'z-5150 Psychoville Ink (3CD) - 2014

Ese 40'z-5150 Psychoville Ink (3CD) - 2014
 {Disc 1}
01 Came To Get F'd Up (Feat. Ese Lil Champ)
02 Caminos Del Pasado (Feat. Lil Malo)
03 Chucks N Fat Laces (Feat. Payaso Nbg)
04 Days Like This (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
05 Death On The Wind (2013) [Feat. Lazy Blue Devil]
06 Evil Nights (Feat. Ese Doe Boy)
07 Five In The Morning (Retwist) [Feat. Mister 505]
08 Get Um Up (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
09 Good Day (Feat. Ese Doe Boy)
10 Here I Am (feat. Loco Nbg, Lazy Blue Devil &_Bugse Millone)
11 Mary Jane Song (Feat. Johnny Q)
12 Never Back Down (Feat. Bugse Millone)
13 Ride On My Enemies (Feat. Lucky Sins, Lil Malo, Cynickal, Lazy Blue Devil, Payaso Nbg & Clowner)
14 Skonkas In The Rain (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
15 The Hurting's On You (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
{Disc 2}
01 51-50 Flow (Feat. Kasper Sur)
02 All Um Killa (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
03 Can't Blame Me (Feat. Bugse Millone)
04 Can't Ever Stop It (Feat. Lil Sicko & Merro)
05 Done It All
06 Every Hood Is The Same (Feat. Bugse Millone)
07 Everything Except For What I Need (Feat. Lil Sicko & Lazy Blue Devil)
08 Hypnotized
09 Let It Go
10 Let's Get It On (Feat. Bugse Millone)
11 Mobbin' (Feat. Ese Do' Boy)
12 Pimp Flow Dollas
13 The Perfect Storm (2013) [Feat. Lazy Blue Devil]
14 We're Ready (Feat. Mr. Kid 187)
15 White X-Mas
{Disc 3}
01 Don't Let Em Get You Down
02 I Don't Really Know
03 Make It Through
04 Never Stop
05 New Day, New Age
06 Out Of My Mind
07 Ready To Roll
08 Reminiscin On The Past
09 Stay On My Grind
10 That Raw Shit (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
11 Those Oldies
12 Till the Wheels Fall Off
13 Tonight (Feat. Lazy Blue Devil)
14 What You Gonna Do
15 Where You Belong (Feat. Bugse Millone)

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