Mr. Clever-Still Hustlin´ - 2014

Mr. Clever-Still Hustlin´ - 2014
01 Mr Clever Introdution
02 Something About Tha West (Feat. Chito)
03 Stuck In Tha 90's (Feat. Rudy Loko)
04 Get My Bang On (Feat. Wicked & Chito)
05 Ride Or Die (Feat. Li L Krude)
06 Live And Die By Tha Cuete (Feat. Chito)
07 On Tha Rise (Feat. Lil Faded & Young Los)
08 Connected And Respected (Feat. Chito)
09 From Oc To Tha Bay (Feat. Cynickal)
10 I Just To Know Her (Feat. Chito & Grinch)
11 Bounce To This (Feat. Chito)
12 Your Bitch My Ride (Feat. Selo, Tiny & Chito)
13 Can I (Feat. Organized Cartel)
14 Riding High (Feat. Ese Bobby)
15 Cant Fuck Wit Tha Slugg (Feat. Spookie, Chito, Mystery, Tiny & Selo)

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