VA-Real Deal & Oreo Present-La2Texas2Brazil - 2014

VA-Real Deal & Oreo Present-La2Texas2Brazil - 2014
01. Big Fats - Nothing To Lose (Feat. Greg Sanford)
02. G Kick Door - I Got What They Missin (Produced By Flaco)
03. Rap Hael - Warr (Prod Pnut Producer)
04. Concrete Aka Berreta - Fresher Than You (Produced By Concrete)
05. That Dirty Mexican Zoe - Money Issues (Produced By LoOn3)
06. Rikee West, Oso Vicious  Timmy Lopez - Hustle Hard (Produced By Rikee West)
07. David Lopezz - Everyday (Prod. By Roskauma)
08. La Mita - Peyote
09. Sycksyllables - 24/7 (Feat. Cappadona  Sinful)
10. PnutProducer  DJ Cuco - Shift Turn (Produced By PnutProducer)
11. Chillah Mayne - Game Changaz (Produced By LoOn3)
12. Cortez  E.G. Ketchmore - 2G Left (Produced By Roskauma)
13. 2Tone  Yuri Yuri - Slow West (Produced By Vision For Assassins Productions)
14. Zapata The Ghost - Polish The Crown
15. DJ Cuco  Kiki Smooth - The System Can't Handle (Produced by DJ Cuco)
16. DjBoss Matic, DJ Cuco  Ice Dee - Pimp Hard In Brazil
17. Chingo Bling, Tum Tum  Smuc - Mambo Like Your Crazy (Produced By Roskauma)
18. Alkatraz, Abusivo  Apakalips - Tryin Ta Get Dis Money (Produces By LoOn3)
19. Mav of Sol Camp - Hustle Hall Of Fame (Remix)
01. Dieverse  Chillah Mayne - Beware (Produced By LoOn3)
02. Concrete Aka Berreta  Zapata The Ghost - We Official (Produced By LoOn3)
03. BaldAcci  Thugsta Clak - We Dont Play (Produced By Rikee West)
04. DJ Cuco, B-Naz  Valmir Nascimento - Independent Woman (Produced By DJ Cuco)
05. Cortez  Lopezz - Must Be High (Produced By Roskauma)
06. Ultimo Ato - Justiceiros (Produced By CorujAtitude)
07. Kenoe, Napalm  Dusty Fuller - Come With Da Bizness (Produced By LoOn3)
08. Zapata The Ghost - Techem Truce
09. Linko, Abusivo  G Kick Door - Welcome 2 My Nitemare (Produced By LoOn3)
10. Duya Badd, Ese Boosta  Smuc - You Know
11. Cortez  Lopezz - Deadroaches (Produced By Roskauma)
12. Napalm, Problemz, Z Gunz  BaldAcci - Fuck Wit Us
13. Fade Dogg - Payday (Feat. Tone City Family) (Produced By LoOn3)
14. 2Tone, Oso Vicious  Mz Glow - 27Junkies (Produced By Vision For Assassins Productions)
15. Alkatraz  Midget Loco - Me-Xicano (Produced By LoOn3)
16. Dopamine - California Passion
17. Sir Kenoe, Kokane, Abusivo  Zapata The Ghost - Fuckin' Tonite (Produced By LoOn3)
18. Thug Music  Rap Hael - Barrio Bravos (Prod by Thug Music)
19. Superstar Guess - My Gurl Is A Strippa (Feat. Gemini  Lucky Luciano)
20. Namik. B-Naz  Abusvio - I Really Live This Life (Produced By Flaco)

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