Coast-Thinkin´ Out Loud Vol. 2 - 2009

Coast-Thinkin´ Out Loud Vol. 2 - 2009
01 Another Introduction
02 Alternate Curriculum
03 Standing in Place produced by Most Incredible
04 I Need Music
05 Breathe ft. Cheec Webster produced by Cheec Webster
06 Sorcery ft. Stunta, Quota
07 I Like The Way Amanda ft. Coast produced by Howard M for Xfyle Productions
08 You Remind Me Of Me
09 Die ft. Slip, The Brick produced by Slip, The Brick for The HSLB
10 Find A Way ft. Quota, Carolyn produced by Channel 7
11 David Blaine ft. Jake, Lucky Luciano produced by Tonie Brown for The HSLB
12 Influential Hollywood ft. Charles Manson, Mayalino, Jake produced by SaveOne
13 Get Got (Alright Then)
14 The Sandbox ft. Trae, Drojo produced by Dolla
15 My Limelight ft. G.T. Garza
16 Hey Baby produced by J.Greezi for Damaged Goods
17 Waiting For You ft. Slip, Roxy Vela produced by Tonie Brown for The HSLB
18 We're Stuck produced by J. Risko/Branch Boiz
19 I Can't Complain produced by Danny Dranx
20 I'm So Coo  ft. Stunta, Lucky, Magno, Roxy Vela produced by SaveOne
21 One Of These Days ft. Slip produced by Dat Boi Mikee
22 Home
23 Evil Never Dies
24 Radiation
25 The Drunken Mumbler
26 The Heart Shaped Light Bulb produced by Slip, The Brick, Eddie Deville for The HSLB

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