Munee-Self Explanatory The Mixtape - 2014

Munee-Self Explanatory The Mixtape - 2014
01 Underated
02 Dead Folks
03 Burn One Ft. P.L (Prod. By The PhantomMuzic)
04 The Mob (Prod. By The PhantomMuzic)
05 Take it to the top
06 Blue Dream Ft. Anita Blunt (Prod. By The PhantomMuzic)
07 Thug in me Ft. Big Swiisha & Lil Cuete
08 Trap House
09 Still Thuggin Ft. Sickoh
10 End Of Prayer Feat. Robbs The One & Young Surgn
11 Underated Pt. 2 (Prod. By Cre8atone)
12 Chopperz Ft. Guzzle (Prod. By Aimz)
13 Cold outside Feat. Robbs The One
14 Kush Ft. Lady Larynx  Quiro
15 For the players Ft. G

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