Ice & Juan Gotti-Respeto The Album - 2014

Ice & Juan Gotti-Respeto The Album - 2014
01 Intro (feat. C****o Bling)
02 Respeto (feat. Spm)
03 Never Ends (feat. Spm & Snipe)
04 Hold It Down (feat. DJ Kane & Spm)
05 Screwd Up Mexican (feat. Lucky Luciano & Gt Garza)
06 Paid My Dues (feat. Spm & Yung C)
07 Head Hunters (feat. Weso G, Spm & Low G)
08 Screw in My Radio (feat. Spm, Low G & Weso G)
09 Cup Full of Purple (feat. Lil Flip & Flatline)
10 Screwd Up Ramon Ayala
11 I Roll Hard (feat. G Man)
12 Skit
13 I'm Not the One (feat. Rude)
14 Throw It Up (feat. Rasheed & Jes Latino)
15 Doing Cocaine (feat. Lil Yung)
16 Your a Cheet (feat. Ponny Boy, Rasheed & Juan Gotti)
17 Ice House Familia (feat. Lil Yung, W Corona, Reno B, Lil Caine, Big K, O.D, O.D Boy, Purret, Rasheed, Pancho v & Jorge P)

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