Baby Bash-Ronnie Rey All Day - 2014 - CR

01 Certified Freak (Feat. Baeza, G Curtis)
02 Tattoos On Her Side (Feat. Paul Wall, Kiotti)
03 Light Up Light Up (Feat. Berner, Z-Ro, Baby E)
04 We Ready (Feat. Ray J)
05 Middle Of The Night
06 Mexican Burt Reynolds
07 Put That On My Tab (Feat. Stooie Bros.)
08 Noche Y Dia (Feat. Frankie J)
09 King Size Mattress (Feat. Marty Jr., Lucky Luciano)
10 We Dont Talk (Feat. Bruce Bang)
11 Cinco De Mayo (Feat. Frankie J)
12 Tryna Get Pizzaid (Feat. Ace The Fucking Boss, Queen Of SDS)
13 Blow It In Her Face (Feat. Driyp Drop, Cousin Fik)
14 We Can Fuh (Feat. Marty Jay)
15 So Fine (Feat. Marty Jay)

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