Mister D-Gangsters Get Lonely - 2011 - CR

Mister D-Gangsters Get Lonely - 2011 - CR
01 Spotlight (Feat. Cris Beets)
02 Lonely Nights (Feat. Lighter Shade Of Brown And Selo)
03 Do You Want It (Feat. Proper Dos, Lil Blacky, Rocky Padilla)
04 I Cant Take It Anymore (Feat. Solo, Sleepy Malo, Renee)
05 Gangsters Dont Dance (Feat. Proper Dos, Ese Saint, J. Knuckles)
06 Shouldve Been Mine (Remix) (Feat. Nate Dogg, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Kid Frost)
07 Ive Been Watching You (Feat. Lil Blacky And Sleepy Malo)
08 Doesnt Mean I Dont Want You (Feat. Sleepy Malo And Selo)
09 Dont Say I Dont Love You (Remix) (Feat. NB Ridaz And Ne-Yo)
10 Got To Get That Money (Feat. Lil Blacky And Sleepy Malo)
11 I Think About You (Feat. Lighter Shade Of Brown, Solo, Selo)
12 Hey Baby (Feat. Saint And Erupt)
13 You Remind Me (Feat. Sleepy Malo)
14 Gangsters Get Lonely Too (Feat. Lighter Shade Of Brown, Sleepy Malo, Lil Blacky)
15 Somebody Please (Feat. Sleepy Malo, Lil Kasper, Lil Jamie)

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