OSO VICIOUS-Oso Vicious - 2013

01 Intro
02 West Coast Madness (feat. Rikee West)
03 Laid Off
04 Money Dreams (feat. Kryptonite, David Ortiz & Concrete)
05 Family Hustle (feat. Kryptonite & Lil E)
06 Millionare Lifestyle (feat. Kryptonite)
07 Sacrifice (feat. Rikee West, King Lil G & Kryptonite)
08 Out Here Tryna Get It (feat. Glasses Malone & Ca Shis)
09 It Ain't Easy (feat. David Ortiz, Baldacci & Rikee West)
10 Monsters (feat. Alt the Saint & Stomper)
11 Vip (feat. Kozme & Jasper Loco)
12 Just a Hoe (feat. Kryptonite)
13 Boss Man (feat. Rikee West & Aeghtyone)
14 We Got What They Want (feat. Rikee West & Stomper)
15 Self Made Star (feat. Zgunz)
16 No Time for Love (feat. Peterbuilt & Kryptonite)
17 Struggle (feat. Rikee West)
18 Things Can Change (feat. Toke da Smoke)
19 The Take over (feat. Zgunz, Kryptonite, Baldacci, Rikee West, Kaos, Drummer Boy & Zapata the Ghost)

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