Sir Strangir-They Call Me Sir - 2012

01 Intro - They Call Me Sir (Feat. Enois Scroggins & Jon Izie)
02 Seems Like A Long Time
03 So Fuckin' High (Feat. Wisely Lit & J Knuckles)
04 I Need A Gangster Bitch (Feat. L Boy & Juan Gambino)
05 Do The Damn Thang (Feat. Lil Man Of G'd Up Gangsters)
06 Just Cruising (Feat. Dttx Of Lighter Shade Of Brown)
07 The Beat Goes (Feat. Y Be & Lucks)
08 Goodtimes (Feat. Flendo & Poltergeist)
09 I.E. Thugs (Feat. Lil Homeboy,Lil Blacky,& Samantha Latino)
10 Tear Shit Up (Feat. Serio & Tony Mg)
11 Next To The Pacific (Feat. Ese C Klon & Ese Tank)
12 City 2 City (Feat. Lazy G & Repo)
13 Not Giving A Fuck (Feat. Ese Moska & Woofy)
14 I'd Rather (Feat. Lil Yogi & Alley Kat)
15 Girls Wanna Do Me (Feat. Woofy,Ese Moska,& Ese Blue)
16 You R Everything (Feat. Ese C Klon & M.C. Moreno)
17 Outro

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  1. i use to talk to this foo back in the my space days wonder what happen to him lol