SPM-The 3rd Wish To Rock The World (Screwed And Chopped) - 2002 - FiH iNT

01 Latin Throne (Feat. Marilyn Rylander)
02 Mi Ruka (Feat. Low-G)
03 Thug Girl (Feat. Low-G, Pimpstress)
04 Wiggy (Feat. Baby Beesh)
05 Who's Overthere (Feat. Low-G, Marilyn Rylander)
06 Loyal Customers (Feat. Rasheed)
07 The 3rd Wish (Feat. Grimm, Marilyn Rylander)
08 High So High (Feat. Marilyn Rylander)
09 Land of the Lost (Feat. Marilyn Rylander)
10 Miss Perfect (Feat. Ikeman)
11 Hillwood Hustlaz (Feat. Rasheed, Grimm)
12 Valley (Feat. Ikeman, Grimm, Pimpstress, Pancho, Villa Skrilla, Monster, Ace Deuce, Rasheed, Star Baby)

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