SPM-Reveille Park (Screwed And Chopped) - Reissue - 2006 - FiH iNT

01 Intro
02 Beach House (Feat. Filero)
03 Get Yo Guns (Feat. Big Flake)
04 Suckerz N Haterz (Feat. JC, Uchie)
05 Woodson and Worthin' (Feat. Low G)
06 Dallas to Houston
07 Red Beams and Rice (Feat. Juan Gotti, Mark Schooler)
08 Screwed Up Tape (Feat. Rasheed, Low G)
09 Latola
10 Lobo Wanna Raise (Feat. Uchie)
11 Cool Enough (Feat. JC)
12 Lord Loco's Melody (Feat. JC)

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