Oso Vicious-It´s All In The Game - 2011 - CR

01 Westside Radio (Feat. Julio G Intro)
02 Only On The Westcoast (Feat. Killa Cal)
03 Use To Be (Feat. Rikee West)
04 My Days (Feat. D. Salas And Weeping Willow)
05 Kush Got Me Trippin (Feat. Jasper Loco And D. Salas)
06 Cutt Throat
07 Ghetto Romance (Feat. OG Kid Frost And Nikki Diaz)
08 Westcoast Connected (Feat. Big Tank And Jasper Loco)
09 Gang Bang Boogy (Feat. A.L.T. The Saint And Big L.A.)
10 I Got The Bomb (Feat. Bigg Bandit And Rikee West)
11 Bounce Bounce (Feat. Stomper, Baby Jokes And A.L.T. The Saint)
12 Just The Way We Are (Feat. Seven)
13 Hustle Harder (Feat. Eyekon)
14 The Breakdown
15 Lets Take A Ride (Feat. YBE Lil Yogi And 2Tone)
16 Bangin Slangin (Feat. Jasper Loco)
17 Westcoast Bad Boys (Feat. Big Prodeje And Rikee West)
18 Oso Hard (Feat. Casino The G, Thugsta Clack, Z Guns)

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