2Sick-Pain Killa Music - 2015 - CR

01 Intro
02 So High Ft. Twistid Rob (Produced by Twistid Rob)
03 Too Sick
04 2Sick Ft. Twistid Rob
05 Guitar Strings And Tequila Shots
06 No Turning Back
07 Get Your Money Right Ft. Lucky Luciano, Young Choki
08 Dank Shit (Produced by Jedi)
09 Make It Look Easy
10 Rep The Northwest Ft. Mixbeetz
11 Blunt And A Microphone Ft. Twistid Rob, Tiffany Medina
12 Pills All Day Ft. Yoey (Produced by Twistid Rob)
13 All Eyes On Me Ft. Filo Ruin
14 Secret Encounters (Sanchez Brothers) (Produced by C.Ray)
15 For My Raza Ft. Mixbeetz, Twistid Rob, Daffy
16 Thanks Ft. Tory North (Produced by Twistid Rob)
17 Purple Lean
18 Pain Killa Music

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