G´d Up Gangsters-The Paid Dues Album - 2015

G´d_Up Gangsters-The_Paid_Dues_Album-2015
01 Paid Dues (Intro) [Explicit)
02 I'm Hustlin' (feat. Oneks) [Explicit]
03 West Coast G's (feat. G Madden) [Explicit]
04 My Girl Stay's G'd up (feat. Midget Loco & Lyrik Cruz) [Explicit]
05 In & out the Game (feat. Baby Jokes & Oneks) [Explicit]
06 Gotta Do Something (feat. Kre8tor) [Explicit]
07 Memories (feat. Hennesy Marie) [Explicit]
08 Impala (feat. Spanky Loco) [Explicit)
09 My Shoulders Lean (feat. Chino Grande) [Explicit]
10 No Stripes, No Missions (feat. Fiesty 2 Guns & Midget Loco) [Explicit]
11 So Wild & so Active (feat. Spanky Loco) [Explicit]
12 For the Love of Money (feat. Mona D Luna) [Explicit]
13 You Know What It Is (feat. Chino Grande) [Explicit]
14 Summer Days & Summer Nights (feat. Lil Minor & Mona D Luna) [Explicit]
15 Come & Take Me (My Life) [feat. Kre8tor] [Explicit]
16 I Remember When (feat. G Madden & Lyrik Cruz) [Explicit]
17 Straight to the Top [Explicit]
18 The Way I LIve My Life (feat. Brown Shady & Mr. Groove) [Explicit]
19 That G'd up Life (feat. Spanky Loco & Tripper Loco) [Explicit]
20 Bout My Cash (feat. Luni Coleone) [Explicit]
21 Gangster Life (feat. Midget Loco & Lady J) [Explicit]

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