Lil Sicko-Let´s Ride - 2008

01 Game On Lock (Feat. DTTX)
02 Fedz R (Feat. Pops ,Trav)
03 Been A Long Time (Feat. Pops, Lil Blacky)
04 All Up In Your Face (Feat. Pops, Lil Demon)
05 Everyday (Feat. Baby Wicked, Lil Blacky, Mister D.)
06 Pimp Rollin 4 Life (Feat. Trav, Lil Blacky)
07 Ain't No Thang (Feat. Killa D)
08 Cali Livin (Feat. Pops, Lil Blacky)
09 We Ride, We Dip (Feat. Doll-e Girl)
10 Hit The Eastside (Feat. Mak)
11 Posted (Feat. One)
12 I (Feat. Trav)
13 Wild N Here (Feat. DTTX, Slow Pain, Big Bandit)
14 Sorry Mom (Feat. Big Dave)
15 Life Of A Hustler
16 On The Creep (Feat. Lil Blacky, Trav)
17 Shady Life (Feat. Killa D)
18 Taking Over Boy (Feat. Trav)
19 In Da Rain (Feat. Big Dave, Lil Blacky)
20 Whatch' Em (Feat. Trav)
21 They Don't Know (Feat. Ikon, Pops)

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