Mr. Criminal-Gangsters Don't Talk: Part 2 The Sequel [Explicit] - 2015

Mr. _Criminal-Gangsters_Don't_Talk-Part_2_the_Sequel_[Explicit]-2015
01 Gangsters Don't Talk (Fuck My Enemies) [Explicit]
02 It's Do or Die [Explicit]
03 Born & Raised [Explicit]
04 West for Life [Explicit]
05 Let's Talk About Bank [Explicit]
06 Full Speed [Explicit]
07 Only Roll with the Real (feat. Maldito) [Explicit]
08 Livin' My Life (feat. Diablo) [Explicit]
09 Rollin' (feat. Young Chitty & Crazy Boy) [Explicit]
10 Roll It Up (feat. C Boy) [Explicit]
11 Land of the Lost (feat. Ese Lil G) [Explicit]
12 Break It Down (feat. Pranx & Script Loc) [Explicit]
13 Chicano Thug Life (feat. Chicano Thugs) [Explicit]
14 The Sequel [Explicit]
15 Outro [Explicit]

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