Sick´s Street Records Presents: Blanco Loco-After Laughter Comes Tears - 2014

01 After Laughter Comes Tears
02 I Wanna Love I Can See
03 Ebony Eyes
04 Stop Taking Me For Granted
05 If You Should Lose Me (La Potranquita Remix)
06 Smiling Faces (Feat. Bago Loco)
07 I'm Still Here (Feat. Big Twist)
08 Catch You On The Rebound (Gavilan Remix)
09 You've Succeeded
10 Poor Side Of Town (Feat. Mr. Half-Grown)
11 Wanna Bees (Feat. Mr. Half-Grown & Mr. True)
12 Ain't No Big Thang (Feat. Mr. Half-Grown & Bago Loco)
13 Rite Thru Your Head (Feat. Bago Loco, Mr. Half-Grown)
14 Skit

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