El Dreamer-Endless Roads - 2011 - REDV

01 Intro (Ride On them) (feat. West TX G)
02 Endless Roads (feat. David Sala)
03 Lonely (feat. Onda Camp & Aubrey M.)
04 Sunday Nights (feat. Zigzag of the NB Ridaz)
05 She Knew (feat. Jaeh)
06 Varrio Star (feat. Spider Loco)
07 In the Air Tonight
08 Bad Boys (feat. Brown Boy & Aubrey M.)
09 Wanted (feat. Padrino X)
10 She Gots Me (feat. Disaster)
11 Ghetto (feat. Mr. Geo)
12 Amazing
13 Im Wrong
14 Onda Anthem (feat. Onda Camp)
15 City Lights (feat. Jaeh)
16 Cant Breath (feat. West TX G & Padrino X)
17 Pirate Gangsters
18 In Love Again (Bonus Track) (feat. Kilo Brown)
19 Going Crazy (Bonus Track)

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