Ese Bobby-Southland Psycho - 2008

01 Intro
02 Southland Psycho
03 Keep It Gangster
04 Could've Been Your Man (Ft. Lil Kasper, Mister D, Lil' Blacky, & Nate Dogg)
05 We Got That (Ft. Kryptonite & Riot)
06 In The Zone
07 Sitting In The Park (Ft. Mister D)
08 Where You From (Southland) (Ft. Sleepy Malo & Ese Venom)
09 If You Walk In My Shoes
10 Stuck In This Bitch (Ft. Ese Venom & Stretch)
11 California State (Ft. Pee-Wee from the O.C.)
12 9's and 45's (Ft. Clumsy Boy & Mister D)
13 Real G's In The Game (Ft. Tweeky)
14 I'm Still Here
15 By Your Side
16 I Remember Back Then (Ft. Lil' Sicko & Mister D)

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