Homie Locs-The 2033 Mixtape

01 Its On [Prod. by Khan]
02 Block Shakers [Prod. by Locs]
03 Just a Rider ft. Casheesh [Pro
04 Faded [Prod. by Locs]
05 Good For You ft. Khan [Prod. b
06 The Homie ft. Angel [Prod. by
07 Missin You ft. Biz [Prod. by L
08 Fire [Prod. by Khan]
09 Priviledge ft. Khan & Royal T
10 Flashin My J's ft. D-Feen, Fra
11 Do a Little Wrong ft. Casheesh
12 Another ft. Angel & Lil Trippe
13 Summer Holiday ft. Ali G & Cas
14 Feel the Same ft. Casheesh [Pr
15 Fly with You ft. MF [Prod. by
16 Nothin But Cruise ft. Cali Boi
17 Outro 2033 [Prod. by Locs]

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