Insane Asylum/L3gion Presents: Estilo-Envy And Hate - 2011

01 Intro
02 Envy & Hate
03 Ese Shit (Ft. Lil' Menace, Deli & Weeto)
04 Misery (feat. Seven From Coa Click)
05 I Don't Give A Fuck About What U Say (feat. Razer)
06 The Rap Game (feat. Cap N1ne & Baby Wicked)
07 Who Be The One 420 (feat. Ese Grouch)
08 Heaven Sent U
09 Envy & Hate Remix (feat. Big Lokote)
10 Gangster Shit (feat. Razer, Big Lokote & Ese Grouch)
11 Ride It Down
12 What Up (feat. Weeto & Seven From Coa Click)
13 Do U Really Wanna Know (feat. Deli & Doble)
14 Rip Song (feat. Jessie V.)
15 Back Again (feat. Og Spanish Fly)
16 U Really Got A Hold On Me (feat. Sarah)
17 All I Wanna Do (feat. Lil Gangster)
18 In Attack (feat. Og Spanish Fly)
19 As I Enter Bonus Track
20 Ride It Down Remix (feat. Big Lokote)

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