Mr. Capone-E-The Lost Chapters - 2009 - H3X

01 Intro
02 California
03 Player Hater
04 Just A Con (Original Version)
05 Hot Summer Nights
06 Welcome To My Hood Ft. Scrappy Loco
07 This Is For The Real Ft. Lil Maniac A.K.A. Wacko
08 Wack Rappers Ft. Mallow Mac
09 The Uprising
10 Something To Ride To Ft. Mr. Criminal
11 Hipower Southside Roll Call Ft. HPG's
12 My One And Only Ft. Mallow Mac And Miss Lady Pinks
13 She's Just My Kind
14 Lakers Anthem 2009
15 Amir Khan Entrance Theme (Bonus)
16 Outro

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