VA-Chicano Rap Old Shool Vol. 2 - 2005

01 Old School (Intro)
02 Gangster Minded (Southland Gangsters)
03 Bold Heads, Blue Rags (Mister D, Sleepy Malo, Solo)
04 Southside Love (Sleepy Malo, C.O.A. Click, MIster D)
05 Eastside (Sleepy Malo, Eastside Valleros)
06 Going Back To The Valle (Mister D, Ese Bobby, Sleepy Malo)
07 Check Yourself (Lil Crook)
08 Nobody Move (Conejo)
09 This Aint Funny (Sleepy Malo)
10 Let Me Be The One (Lighter Shade Of Brown)
11 From The Streets (OG Spanish Fly)
12 100 Proof (Lil Crook)
13 Old School (Outro)

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