Lil Cuete-Gun Play - 2012

01 Intro [Explicit]
02 GunPlay (feat. Kozme') [Explicit]
03 Ain’t F*#$ing With Us (feat. Roscoe) [Explicit]
04 Can’t Hang [Explicit]
05 Ready To Burn (feat. Kozme') [Explicit]
06 They Say I Shouldn’t Be With You (feat. Mariah Love) [Explicit]
07 My Everything [Explicit]
08 Me & My Girl Feat (feat. Kozme') [Explicit]
09 You Already Know [Explicit]
10 Won’t Give Up The Fight (feat. Angel Rodriguez) [Explicit]
11 If You’re Looking For Trouble (feat. Kozme') [Explicit]
12 Scratched Off The Bitch List (feat. Sicko Soldado & Kozme') [Explicit]
13 The Quickest [Explicit]
14 Love Me Right [Explicit]
15 Ride With Me (feat. David Salas) [Explicit]
16 Never Should Have Done You Wrong (feat. Clint G) [Explicit]
17 Paparazzi (feat. Kozme') [Explicit]
18 Rest Of Our Lives [Explicit]
19 Wife You Feat (feat. Damon Reel) [Explicit]
20 I Don’t Know Why [Explicit]

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