Hata Proof Records-200 Percent Hata Proof - 2008

01 Nunca Olvides Ft. Big Cease Mr. Nava And Brake One
02 From The Bottom Of The Map Ft. Vago 50/50 Twin And Big Cease
03 Nobody Special Ft. Vago Kriminal Braze One And Big Cease
04 Ballin Smashin Ft. Kyle Lee Big Cease And Kriminal
05 Been Hustlin For A Long Damn Time Ft. Big Cease Kat And K Mack
06 Avoiding Da Fedz Ft. Agonylife Big Cease And Magno
07 Id Rather Bang Screw Ft. HAWK Big Cease And Kyle Lee
08 We Can Make It Out The Streets Ft. Dat Boy X Kriminal And Big Cease
09 Down 4 My Block Ft. Kriminal Big Cease And Vago
10 Gettin So Throwed Ft. Big Cease Kriminal Vago And Braze One
11 Flossin Lookin Good Ft. ESG Big Cease And Kriminal
12 Voicemail Ft. Big Cease Kriminal Vago And Braze One
13 Not A Rapper Imma Hustler Ft. Ethernal Big Cease Kriminal And Vago
14 Hata Hurter Ft. Big Cease Mr. Nava And Kriminal
15 Life In Da Hood Ft. Vago Kriminal Big Cease And Lil Cease

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