Mr. Criminal-Evolution Of A G - 2015 - CR

01 Evolution Intro
02 Do My Thang (Feat. A Dubb DPG)
03 Wild Wild West
04 Get Your Rise On
05 Frontline
06 Kickin Back Being Blue
07 It Feels Good (Feat. Dominator)
08 Certified (Feat. Mac Lucci)
09 Suga Free (Skit)
10 From The West (Feat. Rappin 4-Tay, Shade Shiest)
11 West Love (Feat. Xzibit, Kam)
12 Enter The Criminal Life
13 Holocaust (Feat. Lil Bams, Frost)
14 Summertime Going Up (Feat. Eric Tucker)
15 Domesplitter (Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Lim)
16 Banged Up (Feat. Mr. Capone-E)
17 Skit (Bangin)
18 Close My Eyes
19 So True (Feat. DJ Battlecat)
20 Waiting For Your Letters (Feat. Kurupt, Kam, Knotch)
21 Skit (Lockup)
22 Street Life (Feat. Dominator)
23 Cant Take The Hood Out The Homies
24 Home From Palican Bay Outro (Lil Demon)

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